It's your time to gain the clarity, confidence, and resilience you've been striving for!


It's your time to gain the clarity, confidence, and resilience you've been striving for!



is a work in progress…

…and everyone has a right to be fulfilled. Life is your curriculum, not an indictment.

We all are becoming who we are meant to be and you have a unique expression that should be encouraged and cultivated. But once in a while you get stalled; you can’t seem to take the last step to launch the business, or write that book, or speak up more, or do work you love, or worst of all, you can’t seem to make the impact you want to make.

But when you see possibility in your imperfections, you begin to create choice and that choice leads to learning. Create this kind of mindset, and you’ll meet any challenge with grit and grace.

– your gift –

My Top Practices for a Focused and Powerful Mindset

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You get to define success

You get to define 

For most professionals, overcoming challenges is part of your job description. Yet, when the problem is personal or is adversely affecting you, it can become overwhelming and confusing – especially if you are accustomed to having the right answers.

That’s where Ellie Ballentine comes in. Ellie provides expert coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs who find themselves at a growth edge. Whether that’s starting a new business, doing work you love, or navigating complex changes, Ellie will teach you practical tools and techniques you can use everyday.

You will dissolve blocks, gain clarity and create action steps aligned with your goals. Think relief – and success – your kind!

The Mindset Mastery programs show you how to add emotional intelligence and transformative principles to your superpowers.

– Programs and Workshops – 

Mindset Mastery Coaching

Ellie’s signature coaching programs cause breakthroughs, enhance confidence, resilience and grit, and have you creating the impact you want to make in the world. Choose from 3 powerful ways to work with Ellie.

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A few happy clients…

“It’s changed my life!”

I knew that leaving a 20-year career behind, so that I could start my own business, would require support, accountability, and taking a look at my mindset.

Ellie helped me remove limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me and empowered me with the confidence to be the voice of change for my clients.

When I feel stuck, I reflect on what Ellie taught me. She has a way of shifting your perspective and guiding you to resolution in any area of life. I’ve changed my thoughts and it’s changed my life.

– Shiela Petersen, founder of lovechange

“…reach your destiny…”

In my work with Ellie, it is evident that she truly cares about the process and the outcome and she is able to tap into her wealth of professional training and certifications to guide a deep and lasting transformation. 

Ellie has used her unique set of skills to laser focus my experience in a way that literally remodeled my thinking.

After our work together, I have an entirely new approach to life, family, medicine and I have even started to uncover my potential as a leader in the world.

I would highly recommend working with Ellie if you’re tired of feeling tired and you are ready to reach your destiny.

Catherine Hansen, MD, MPH Houston, Texas

“…be transformed…”

Ellie Ballentine is an incredible transformational facilitator. She brings a level of professionalism, credibility and depth and breadth of experience that is second to none.

What Ellie brings could be intimidating, but because she is humble and approachable, I feel held in a warm extremely capable embrace when she is facilitating.

Ellie has a warmth and radiance that is magnetic – she draws people toward her and those who are lucky enough to participate cannot help but be transformed.

– Milisa Burns, Certified Coach and Transformational Facilitator, Making Room for You, Ontario Canada

“…exactly what you are talking about…”

Ellie knows exactly what you are talking about within 5 seconds of beginning a sentence. She captures your issues with great precision and compassion.

I have a broader vision of life and can tackle issues with more grace and diplomacy, be it at work or a personal situation. She has also taught me how to harness my sensitive nature and use it for the better. Thank you Ellie!

– Isabelle Bisson PhD.



“My journey with Ellie was both eye-opening and cathartic.”

Ellie guides you in your path in understanding the root cause of your feelings and how to overcome them for the future. She does so without imparting any judgment no matter your belief system. She creates a safe environment where you feel welcome to share your thoughts.

Ellie’s calm presence and reassuring tone allow you to dig deeper to truly come to terms with your trauma. Ellie has been an instrumental guide in my quest to becoming a better version of myself. I have no doubt that she will remain a constant in my life.

– Fabia Lisio, Finance Director for Global Specialty Care at Sanofi, Montreal

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