Do you ever wonder how you could create more possibility in your life? Or wonder, how you can make something happen? I do, often! (I swear I was born to have a magic wand in my hand ;-)) Today I want to share with you 4 magnificent ideas I have that will get you thinking about whether or not you make your life more possible or impossible!

The Mindset of Possibility

First, I see so many people believe in false limits and mindlessly accept them. Let’s take care of that quickly by thinking of an athlete who has broken a record. Or more recently, the fellow who did a free jump from outer space! Who would have thought?! When you keep your mindset fixed, you are not open to new possibilities. So I invite you, question the limits you put in your life. What stories have you told yourself about “how things are,” or about what’s possible and what’s not? Could you stretch that?

Second, I suggest you change the way you frame challenges. Do you tend to look at challenges as a block or obstacle? Do you say to yourself, “Can I do it?” If you do, then you are cultivating doubt, ambivalence and a kind of entrenchment in “life happens to me”. Instead, ask yourself, “I wonder how I could do this?” Now your mindset is oriented to possibility, growth and a belief that life works for you.

The third idea relates to what seems to be our obsession with the outcome. Many of you get focused on the outcome at the cost of being present to what’s happening along the way. You are not present because you’re focused on a future event that means you will likely get distracted by failures, other people, and/or emotions. Some of you quit early because you compare yourself to others who have already succeeded. Remember, if someone else succeeded it’s because they had a process they went through until they reached their success. Be inspired by others rather than using their success as a judgment of yours.

And finally, the fourth point is to stop looking at your life as a bunch of tasks, and start treating your work as play. I love this one and it works for me every time. Now, I love my work and I could do it forever but there are some aspects I like less, like accounting (sorry Mitch). I make a game of it and soon enough I’ve worked through the receipts and spreadsheets. By making a game of it, I create a possibility of getting the work done and enjoying the process.

I hope these ideas have loosened anywhere you were fixed in your mindset and opened you to new possibilities.

If the article resonated with you and you’d like to look at this more deeply in your life, I invite you to book a Breakthrough Session with me so we can get you shifting a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and start feeling engaged, focused and stepping into the field of all possibilities! Just click here to book your session.



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