I truly love your enthusiasm when it comes to “pushing your reset button” and getting real in your life. I can see the evolution in your questions and insights as you gain more emotional intelligence. You are willing to step into the unknown and really create a life of your dreams. I’m so excited to support you because I can see you are more connected with what is authentic and true for you and, in so doing, you are sharing the best parts of yourself to the world. I thank you for that!

So today I want to help you harness that desire and intention and direct it in the most meaningful manner.

To do so, it helps to have a little structure, or guideline, so you stay on track. Here are 5 Powerful Daily Mindset Habits so you can cultivate your mindset to better fuel your goals (ideas, intentions, desires).

Mindset habits

1. Daily Breath and Bodywork

One of my favorite people in the world taught me that you don’t have energy, you generate energy. And it’s true! My mother often says, “I don’t know how you have the energy to do all the things you do?!” I tell her that I’m connected to what I love to do and I have some habits that generate energy for me.

One way is breathwork. Your breath is moving the processes of your body, like your adrenals, lymph nodes and heart. Oxygenate your body every day! This could be breathing exercises like prana practices in yoga or simply getting outside for a walk or taking in 10 deep breaths outdoors. I generally stop every hour, stand, jump up and down, take 20 deep breaths (work up to this!) This keeps my stamina up through-out the day.

2. Start Your Day With Enthusiasm

The first thing I do in the morning is feel into what I appreciate. It’s such a positive way to begin the day. And trust me, those who know me, I’m a slow girl in the morning. So instead of waking myself up with “have-tos” I wake myself up with appreciation. Then I ask myself, “What could I be enthusiastic about today?” Right away my mind starts to look for things that feel good. The more you practice this, the more this becomes one of your mindset habits which means your mind is trained to look for things that bring you pleasure. You are wired for fear (to protect yourself) and for pleasure. You choose which way you’d like to direct your mind for the day!

Get detailed about what will augment your enthusiasm for the day. It could be writing a note to a friend or colleague, or cooking a favourite dish, or thanking the barista or your trainer. Whatever you choose, take a moment to FEEL it.

I have one client who speaks her enthusiasm into her Voice Memo on her phone and listens to it throughout the day 

3. Be Positive In Your Words and Gestures

Stop complaining!

The words you use are powerful. Be mindful of the words you choose. Remember you are calling forth your future. The words you use and the images you hold about yourself, others and life create your reality. They are that powerful. So be mindful. You’ll know because you’ll feel good using positive directives. Remember to praise and compliment those you love and serve. This generates positive energy within you and around you.

4. Have a Plan or Intention for the Day

Start with YOU; not your emails or Facebook, etc. Connect with what would feel good if you had accomplished it by the end of the day. It doesn’t have to be all task-oriented. The plan or intention can include tangible items like writing articles or going to the gym but also can include intangible items like connecting with a friend or pausing before speaking. You are developing your ability to respond rather than react.

If you are constantly in random mode then you’re training yourself to be powerless. You are born to look forward with intention. The more you stay in your goals and desires, the more you feel purposeful and create meaning in your life.

5. Mindset Triggers

Life is not about having more, it’s about being more, feeling more, giving more, and living more. One way to enhance the likelihood of you being more in your life is to set up your own triggers. For example, when I come home after work, I go straight to my meditation chair for 15-20min and let go of the day. And I’ve already mentioned my morning trigger. The formula to work with is “When X happens, I do Y”. For you it might be, “When I wake up, I go for a walk.” Or, “When I feel insecure, I go talk to my close friend who reflects my goodness.” “When I go to bed, I let go of the day.”

In a way, you’re pre-paving your success. Think about a few triggers that might support your intentions, write them down, and set them up daily.

If you are struggling or feeling like you are not getting momentum on your goals and desires, then I suggest you begin cultivating these powerful mindset habits. I guarantee if you do all 5 mindset habits above, you will begin to see and feel a difference in the results you get PLUS the enjoyment of it all!

If you continue to have a difficult time moving forward with these mindset habits, contact me and I’ll help you move past the barrier.

To your best Self!


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