You might have a morning routine that works for you, including the best foods to fuel your brain and body and fun movement and exercises to take care of the vessel you live in. You might also have a spiritual practice, like prayer or meditation, to get you feeling aligned and connected. But do you have a practice to tap into your mindset for the day?

Your mindset is that part of you that acts as a filter for who you are in the world and how you express yourself. It’s key to ensuring you are IN the world offering the best version of you. Your mindset helps you have greater access to your Superpowers, greater focus, and response to situations and people rather than reactions, and helps you create your intentions/goals from flow rather than restriction.

Here are 7 mindset hacks to start your day off on the right foot. You can read them aloud or quietly to yourself with presence.

  1. I acknowledge and embrace my imperfections. Otherwise, hiding from your weaknesses means you’ll never overcome them.
  2. Today I view challenges as opportunities. Having a growth mindset means relishing opportunities for self-improvement.
  3. I will replace the word “failing” with the word “learning”. Remember, when you make a mistake or fall short of a goal, you haven’t failed; you’ve learned!
  4. I value the process over the end result. Intelligent people enjoy the learning process and don’t mind when it continues beyond an expected time frame.
  5. I will celebrate my growth with others. You’ll want to share your progress with others because it feels good and models possibility for others.
  6. I will give myself opportunities for reflection. Mark down 2-3 times daily to reflect on your learning. This way, you stay in action and progress rather than get stuck in perfection.
  7. I take ownership of my attitude today. Decide your attitude for today, like, “I am open and curious.” “Everything is figure-out-able.” Once you develop a growth mindset, own it! Feel proud to let it guide you throughout your day.

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