Meet Ellie Ballentine
Founder of Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor
Meet Ellie Ballentine
Founder of Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor

I founded Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor with a compassionate spirit, a courageous heart and a lofty objective: to offer transformational coaching programs in a way that revolutionizes personal growth and conscious professionalism.

Most growth in our lives starts with a challenge. Mine was simple: even though I was educated, a team player, in a seemingly great job, I was stuck in feelings of dread, uncertainty, and confusion. I knew something had to change, but I did not know what. Anything I tried from all my training lead to burnout. I followed my doctor’s orders, I took on less work, but even then, I did not create wellbeing or joy in my life. And gradually I started to notice that I was not the only one.

I saw professionals and entrepreneurs around me who were brilliant and talented fumble at the finish line, or alienate their teams, or abuse their bodies and relationships.

It turns out there is a simple explanation. We are all trying to solve the problems of our circumstances with the same level of thinking that created those problems (to borrow from Einstein). I was trying to work harder to fix the problem. I was over-achieving to find the answer. I was “doing” more when I should have been “being” different. My colleagues were addressing their problems without any level of self-reflection or inquiry.

I stood back in my burnout and learned that I am a human being, not a human doing!

I founded Ellie Ballentine – The Mindset Mentor to create an alternative context for professionals and entrepreneurs to get past areas in their lives where they feel stuck or stalled. As a result, clients transcend the challenges in their lives and grow consciously and powerfully. Clients return to work and relationships with renewed purpose, more confidence and resilience, and clarity on how to bring insight to the fold in any situation.

I believe we are all works in progress and challenges give us the opportunity to get to know who we really are and grow. We are living in times where knowing ourselves is key to navigating complexity and the fast pace of change.

Everyone has the right to know themselves in such a way that any challenge then becomes an opportunity to become MORE of themselves. Simply put, challenge is your growth-edge. I will teach you how to get the most out of that “edge”.

I live in Montreal with my 2 sons who keep me in the 21st Century. My joys are long walks, curated playlists, and cocktail hour with friends and family.

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