In my decade of counseling high-performers from setbacks to success, I have developed a system for guiding you through a series of mindset breakthroughs that lead to living a successful and authentic life.

Introducing The Setback to Success System

Mindset Breakthrough 1: Becoming Aware

“How did I get here?” and “How did this happen?” are the common questions that my clients ask themselves when they first step into my office. I’ll teach you how to see beyond the confusion and pain and identify the emerging and inevitable breakthrough that is calling for your attention.

Mindset Breakthrough 2: Setting the Intention

In this phase, we set the course for where you want to go to lock in the focus and direction of our work together. This will provide you with immediate relief and will help you feel grounded throughout our work together, while giving you an empowering way to measure your progress.

Mindset Breakthrough 3: Owning Your Story

This is a profound opportunity to heal, reflect upon and honor your story, and to unravel what’s real, what’s imagined and what’s true for you. Often, this is the first time my clients experience non-judgmental support.

Mindset Breakthrough 4: Rewiring Your Beliefs

As we continue to retrain your brain to support you with your goals, you will discover what unconscious beliefs have been driving you in your everyday life. You’ll understand why you think the way you do and how to take charge of your thoughts – and ultimately your life.

Mindset Breakthrough 5: Connecting to Your Power

As you begin to reclaim your power to shape your story, I’ll teach you practical ways to stay connected to your awakened inner guidance. This will give you the confidence to handle anything that arises with grace and authenticity.

Mindset Breakthrough 6: Integrating Your Breakthroughs

This phase is about deep practice and applying what you learn in real life. Living with awareness takes practice, and like any new skill, it takes a good coach to help you refine, inspire and make progress faster than you would on your own.

Mindset Breakthrough 7: Rewriting Your Future

When you heal the blind spots in your life, you feel victorious, like you have a renewed passion and zest for life. Now you can see clearly. Now you can reconnect to your drive and ambition, and consciously apply it to what matters most to YOU.

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