One common factor for all my new clients who are confused by their situation is… they are not present most of the time. They either live heavily in the past or neurotically in the future. When you are not present (attention in the life occurring now), the consequences can be severe (think airlines have checklists for safety and even those can be overlooked). Most of your suffering is indirectly or directly a result of being mindless.

So today I’d like to illustrate how better off you are by being mindful, or having your attention in the present moment without judgment.

Mindless Versus Mindful

When you are mindless:

  • Your past over-determines the present
  • You are trapped in a single perspective
  • You are insensitive to context
  • You are governed by rule and routine
  • You behave/react typically by default, not by design
  • You grasp for certainty

When you are mindful:

  • You are situated in the present
  • You are open to multiple perspectives
  • You are sensitive to context and perspective
  • You are rule and routine guided
  • You are in an experience of engagement
  • You can accept uncertainty and work with it

As you read through the distinctions, can you see how better situated you are when you are mindful instead of mindless? You have more access to clarity, control over your emotions, and a better read on what your sensory experience is telling you.

As Elizabeth Langer, researcher and author on Leadership, states, “Mindfulness is at the essence of charisma and therefore the essence of leadership and influence.” When you are mindful in your response, speech and action, it is visible and makes you more attractive. People get to know, like and trust you more which is critical in business, teaching and raising children.

And then there are the moments when you make mistakes. A mistake is a cue to be in the present. When you bring mindfulness – focused, present moment awareness – to the mistake, it reveals opportunities that you may not have seen. One of my favorite examples is the story of how Post-It notes were invented. It was the result of a failure – a glue that did not adhere well – however the engineers remained open to the resulting properties and created a useful product with a light adhering glue. Post-Its are an incredible success! If no one remained mindful of other possibilities then Post-Its may never have come into existence (egad!)

To me, one of the most powerful aspects of practicing mindfulness is how it has increased my ability to accept uncertainty and learn to work with it. I used to ping-pong from freezing to over-reacting and trying to gain control over the situation. Whew, a lot of wasted energy! Mindfulness allowed me to not only be open to change, but to actually embrace it as life-giving and part of my evolution. With that came more confidence and courage which, my dear readers, is a great path away from worry, doubt and fear 🙂

If this resonates with you or you’d like to learn more, I have a wonderful course for you on Mindfulness called Secrets to Peace-of-Mind. The course has been loved by many as an introduction to Mindful practices.

“Through Secrets to Peace-Of-Mind, Ellie introduced me to a place within myself that I never knew existed. Without sounding all woo-woo, mindful practices have allowed me to gain insight to my reactions to life and, best of all, an ability to feel like I have a choice and CAN choose my responses. This is powerful stuff – in all areas of my life! Thank you Ellie for creating the course.” P.B., New York State.

“Ellie thank you! Major shift! M-A-J-O-R! The course tapped me into a resource of peace and intelligence within me. This course teaches you how to cut out the noise and increase your ability to really listen to what is important. Do it!” S.J., Montreal

You’ll get one-on-one instruction with me and guided homework so you can build your practice and see the difference in just a couple of weeks. I would love to introduce you to a practice that will expand your life for good 🙂

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