How will I ever get unattached to triggers and live the life I was meant to live – peace, joy, calm, laughter and in good health?


Great question!

And the answer is right there.

The way to let go of triggers (past imprints that we react to instead of respond) is to PRACTICE peace, joy, calm, laughter and good health! Yes, the answer IS that SIMPLE and the practice could be as well.

Many of my clients ask me this question. The best thing to do when you are experiencing something negative repeatedly is to get yourself to a therapist or coach who can help you identify exactly the source of the trigger. In that way, your MIND will become AWARE of the circumstances and you can then CHOOSE to respond in a different manner.

Here’s an example. A client of mine reacts with anger when anyone questions what she’s eating, even if it comes from a good intention. Now you may wonder why someone would “question” another person’s choices but I’m sure you’ve had a loved one say something like “are you sure you want this because it gave you a stomach ache last time you had it?” I’m talking about “that kind” of good intention. My client identified that her anger came from all the badgering she experienced as a young girl from her mother and older sister. When we got to the underlying issue, we were able to deal with the “real” trigger, heal the wounds of the past, which now allows her to respond in a manner that reflects owning her feelings. Next time she was able to say, “Thanks hon, you’re right, my stomach was sore so I’ll pass this time.”

What I also love in your question is your desire to be in peace, joy, calm, laughter and good health. The best way to BE that is to go practice BEING that!

Hope this helps

Have a great week.

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