Hi Ellie.

I love the new series of Q&A! Even though we worked together 6 months ago, I feel like I have another link to you and how you think.

So here is my question:

What can we do to keep sane when it seems like everything around us is in crisis?


Thanks for your question. I’m also delighted that you are enjoying this series. It is my intention to keep connected with you even if we are not working formally.

Now let’s get back to the question. I want you to re-read your question and notice that you said “it seems like everything around us is in crisis?” Right there is a clue for you to begin to inquire what is really going on.

Here’s what I suggest:

1. Breathe – breath is connected to our autonomic nervous system and when you take a few slow, conscious, deep breaths you let the nervous system know there’s no need to “flee”. The oxygen stops getting pushed out to your extremities and is now available for the brain. Ahhhh.

2. Accept – when you get out of resisting what is happening, even though it may be scary to accept the situation and you don’t like it, you are then closer to solutions. When you resist, you have a whole other layer/drama/story to get passed.

3. Write down specifically what is going on around you and what you think the crisis is. Then with each one, ask yourself “is it true? Is it 100% true?” The process of inquiry allows you to “get a grip” on what needs attention. For example, if you are in crisis because you are believing that your husband should not be yelling at you and your son should not be sick and your boss should not have expected you to take on so much responsibility, all in the same day, when you inquire what is true, you will find out that people yell when they’re angry and it will pass, your son’s body is doing what it should to heal and really it’s just an inconvenience and your boss actually thinks you CAN take on the responsibility. The process allows you to take the resistance out of what is happening and deal with what is real. In this way, you can let your energy focus on what needs attention, instead of being drained by what is going wrong.

4. Focus on what is working – I recommend focusing on what is working because it’s a balance to what you think is crisis. Remember, most of what we experience is just perception. When you put your focus on what is working, your body responds with good chemicals, your energy is maintained (instead of drained), and your mind starts to find solutions because it believes everything is working!

Own your mind! And bring who you want to be to the situation. Challenges are just life’s way of saying “we believe in YOU”.



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