Crisis and Challenges

Feeling enough

How to Feel Enough and Stop Undervaluing Yourself

On the days when I’m feeling a tad off… the “I’m not enough” monster can creep in. I’m not perfect, I’m vulnerable too! And since YOU are so important to me in all you do for your businesses, families and friends, I’m going to share with you my “GO HERE GAME PLAN” I invented for “those” kind of days… Ready? …

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Growth mindset

5 Ways a Growth Mindset Enhances Your SuperPowers

You could be an incredible presenter, speaker, leader or manager. You could be a great mother, father, grandparent or friend. You could have skills and talents like no other on your team or organization. But if you don’t have a hold of your mindset, none of that SuperYou is going to come through! If you wake up feeling like things …

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Love Your Triggers

Recently a new client said the following to me… “Being triggered, Ellie, c’mon, what’s there to love?!” In psychological terms, being triggered refers to an event occurring that initiates or precipitates a psychological and often physiological process. Could be someone yelling at you that, as a result, triggers your central nervous system and you begin to shake. There is a …

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3 Attitudes of Well-Being

Whether you’re trying to change a bad habit, attract a new relationship, strengthen the one you have, persuade your boss of your ideas or just deal with the question of why you live in such a god-forsaken cold tundra (!), well-being seems to come as much from how you approach your experiences as it does from what is actually going …

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Challenging Times Require…

I have a challenging time in front of me. The surprise kind. The no-way-you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me kind. You know those ones?! We all experience them here and there. So, being the Mindset Mentor that I am, I am going to share with you my process for dealing with challenges, even the heavy kind. First of all, accept that it’s there. So many …

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