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Mindful journey

Your Mindful Journey is Yours

“What is the path of meditation? Your present-moment experience. What is your curriculum? Your life, as it is. Not somebody else’s life, not your ideal life – your life.” ~Will Kabat-Zinn I love this quote from Will Kabat-Zinn, a Mindfulness teacher out of San Francisco. He speaks to that part of us that thinks practicing meditation and mindfulness is about …

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Brain-Based Habit for Better Relating

Relationships are crucial to having a healthy and caring life with those who you value. In today’s article, I am borrowing the research of Daniel G. Amen, MD who specializes in how the brain works. He has created an acronym RELATING that will help you remember the essential relationship habits. These techniques come from research in the field of interpersonal …

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Pause in the office

A Better Pause

As a longtime meditator, I thought I had a pretty good grasp of the value of taking time to pause during a busy day in a formal and intentional way. Most recently I took a second look and I wanted to share a distinction with you that I think makes a difference. Let’s say you’re having one-of-those-days. We know that …

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