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Calvinian (and Hobbes) Wisdom

To set the stage, Calvin and Hobbes are sliding down a snowy slope on a toboggan. Calvin: Let’s try this path over here! Hobbes: I don’t see a path. Calvin: We’ll make a path! Hobbes: Huh boy! Calvin: Change is invigorating! If you don’t accept new challenges, you become complacent and lazy! Your life atrophies! Falling off a cliff… Calvin: …

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Do You Know You Practice Freedom Everyday?

If one of your great desires is to become an enlightened human being, your ability to do so depends upon accepting the simple fact that independent of external circumstances, you always have the freedom to choose. Now that might sound like a simple statement, but it’s amazing how many intelligent people will deny it.  I hear it all the time, …

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What is Consciousness?

The word consciousness is being thrown out there quite a bit now.  Maybe you’ve heard it in a religious or spiritual context.  Maybe in a philosophical or psychological context.  Whatever your introduction, I think that consciousness is a very real and important topic to know and understand. Consciousness is, simply put, observing your thoughts and actions so that you can …

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