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BOO! Hoo

BOO–it’s your shadow. The phrase “shadow energies” comes from a description that the famous psychologist Carl Jung developed to encompass that part of us that brings negativity to the table. You could think of the shadow as those pervasive and often negative hidden impulses that influence your everyday decisions like fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Here’s How To Handle …

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Practice Happiness !

How to Practice Happiness I’ve adapted the following practice from tips from Marcie Shimoff, author of Happiness for No Reason – a fun book to read if the title triggers you 🙂 Sit quietly and imagine beaming the wish of health and happiness for yourself and others. This is a simple loving-kindness practice. Happiness is also a physical experience – …

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I have to admit that I was inspired to write this article for a friend who is trying to quit smoking.  She’s been smoking since she was 14 years old, so the habit is “well-laid in”.  She asks me, “Why can’t I just wake up tomorrow a non-smoker?!” I realize I have MANY more reasons to write this article because …

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OUT With Managing Your Time, IN With Managing Your Energy

Managing your energy will help you manage your time better! Ok, you may be sighing with relief or you may be reading this with your jaw dropped and one arm reaching for the comfort of your agenda. I, personally, was that second person until I learned something that I did not know (bff- I know that’s hard to believe). Let …

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