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Your Mindful Journey is Yours

“What is the path of meditation? Your present-moment experience. What is your curriculum? Your life, as it is. Not somebody else’s life, not your ideal life – your life.” ~Will Kabat-Zinn I love this quote from Will Kabat-Zinn, a Mindfulness teacher out of San Francisco. He speaks to that part of us that thinks practicing meditation and mindfulness is about …

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4 Brain Mechanics to Get You What You Want

Even though your brain is very powerful, in fact, it’s the next most powerful thing next to Nature, there are some simple facts about how the brain works that can help you master and create the experiences you want to have in life, whether it be in your career, relationships, contributions or health. Your brain: Always does what it thinks …

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The Power of Forgiveness

I was reviewing a recent study that was done in North America where participants were hooked up to an EEG (electroencephalography) machine that monitors brain waves. Their brain waves were tracked while they were sleeping, meditating, practicing a mindfulness exercise and (here’s what I thought was interesting) practicing forgiveness. There was much that was fascinating about the study and certainly …

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