Stress Relief


Love Your Triggers

Recently a new client said the following to me… “Being triggered, Ellie, c’mon, what’s there to love?!” In psychological terms, being triggered refers to an event occurring that initiates or precipitates a psychological and often physiological process. Could be someone yelling at you that, as a result, triggers your central nervous system and you begin to shake. There is a …

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Mindful journey

Your Mindful Journey is Yours

“What is the path of meditation? Your present-moment experience. What is your curriculum? Your life, as it is. Not somebody else’s life, not your ideal life – your life.” ~Will Kabat-Zinn I love this quote from Will Kabat-Zinn, a Mindfulness teacher out of San Francisco. He speaks to that part of us that thinks practicing meditation and mindfulness is about …

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