Are you connected to what feels really, really good to you? I mean on a daily basis. In any moment, can you connect to the feeling aspect of what it is you truly desire?

Here’s why I am asking you this question. Most often, I see people caught in a recurring habit of focusing on what they think they “should” be doing. I see teachers excited to share a new way of teaching only to see it deadpan in class. I see parents holding extremely good values yet not living it themselves. I see entrepreneurs (including myself) getting overwhelmed with all the hats they wear, only to experience the stress of building a business, and not the joy in which it was intended.

In short, if you focus on what you think you “should” be doing, then you are operating out of some form of pressure. “Should” also indicates that there is something exterior to you that is running the experience. If you feel the pressure, you can sense that it is heavy… maybe even slightly tight like the feeling of anxiety. Not good. You’ll be creating from heavy, maybe even anxious thoughts that mentally and emotionally are closer to fear and doubt. From a quantum physics perspective, like energy attracts like energy, you’ll be attracting more pressure events and circumstances.

That’s why, as many of you know, whenever I hear you say “should” I stop you in your tracks.

You shouldn’t do anything!

That’s right.

You shouldn’t do anything!

Instead, I suggest you get connected with what you desire.

What I mean by that is, get into the feeling aspect of what you desire. If you love the new idea you have and you want to teach it, align yourself first with the feeling you have of a great new idea. Feel it in your body. Does is feel expansive? Energetic? Do you have a warm sense of happiness within you? Then take action from that place of desire.

If you’re struggling with staying on your weight loss plan, or improving your fitness, get back into the feeling of why you want to lose weight and be fit in the first place. For those of you who only got into it because you thought you “should”, well, no wonder it’s difficult. You are connected to a resistance that makes your effort ten times harder!

Get yourself connected to the “why” you are doing what you are doing. For most of us, losing that extra weight and getting fit is all about feeling better. So go ahead, close your eyes and get into the feeling of being in a slimmer body, feeling tighter, more energy, and fitting into those summer dresses and tshirts. Doesn’t that feel good?! Now take action from this inspired state of mind, rather than from the guilty or pressured mind.

For all you gorgeous entrepreneurs out there, remind yourself why you’re in business for yourself in the first place – it’s creative, I have my own freedom, I live in potential, it’s authentic, I have design over my life, and more! Now that you’re connected again with the “why” you’re an entrepreneur, feel it in your body. Feel how good that feels to set your agenda, focus your attention on what you want, bring your creations to fruition. Mmm mmm good!

I find practicing getting into the feeling aspect of what I truly desire is key to keeping me on track.

Remember, you can’t worry your way to ease, you can’t feel-fat your way to thin, and you can’t control your way to freedom.

But you can BE easy with yourself and create ease, you can love and appreciate your body to thin, and you can relax your way to freedom.

Vitamin D for Desires: Get clear on your desires. Practice connecting to the feeling aspects of those desires. Then take action.

Take one every morning. Enjoy your day!



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