I am overflowing with excitement to begin to connect with YOU! Now, my very first Conversation with you is about FEAR. So many of you are rushing to my door with wide eyes, shortness of breath, and a desire for the answers. So let’s dive in and take a look at this “monster” named FEAR and see if we can’t add some clarity to it.

I’ve even created a guided visualization for you on understanding your trepidation. Feel free to have a listen and let me know how that worked for you.

Read on and enjoy!

Hey, somebody served me Fear…I ordered Joy!

I know this topic is high on everybody’s list. I don’t even want to mention the topic because, well, you all know what we are buzzing about lately. The discussion I want to have here applies to all types of apprehension, so the exact subject does not matter. As most of you know if you work with me, I am all about possibility and what is the learning in the experience. So let’s go and uncover this monster called FEAR.

I look at it as a pre-programmed mechanism, developed over the years by our experiences and conditioning, to keep us safe. Now notice I did not say that fear is just a reaction. I’ve actually given it a purpose. This mechanism is different in each one of us. What might be fearful to some is not to others. So this is an individual as well as a collective experience. If you could look at it as a mechanism that will help you grow, then you may begin to process your concerns in a constructive way, rather than in a destructive way.

Here are some of the ways I guide people through fear:

  • Name the dread. Be specific and say why you feel it. This will reveal what you believe. For example, “I fear financial crisis because I don’t think I can do anything about the economy.” Write out what you believe. In this example, you may be saying you believe you are a victim; powerless and that life happens to you.
  • Question your belief. Ask yourself “Am I a victim? Am I powerless?” If you find that your answer is YES, then come and see me and I will show you how you are a VICTOR in your life. If you answer NO, then begin to bring forward into your awareness what is the TRUTH for you. It may sound something like this, “Although the economy is in a downturn, I am aware that I am one of the many who can turn it around.”
  • Make a choice. Power is in awareness and choice. Try to answer the question “what is this experience trying to teach me?’ In this case the lesson might be “I am not the result of my circumstances. I am part of the solution.” Make a conscious choice to now move forward with this awareness, and;
  • Brainstorm some action steps you can take that reflect your truth. Once you are in action, you begin to focus your energy in what you CAN do, and the energy of the fear begins to fade. Remember, the definition of a warrior is a person who feels the fear and does it anyway. We often believe that focusing our attention on the fear will mean we have control over it. Or if we avoid it, it will go away. The truth is that with any fear, the most powerful thing to do is face it, know it fully, make a choice and it will begin to transform.I’ve heard some people look at F.E.A.R. as an anacronym meaning False Energy Appearing as Reality. Next time you get served fear instead of joy, look it straight in the eyes, learn its lesson, make a choice and take action.Arrgghhh

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