Let Go of Struggle

I’m going to be straight up. I’m writing this blog because I’ve been struggling with struggle! And what I did was “take it to the mat” as one of my good friends says, and I meditated on it. In my mind I looked at struggle straight on. Hmmmmm. And this is what I discovered.

When you struggle, you are actually resisting something in your life. Although what you are resisting feels like it is outside of you, the resistance is really inside of you. That is, if you are struggling with anything you are really resisting yourself. This in turn increases how much scarcity you experience.

Don’t you notice that when you resist, you make things harder than they have to be? By making things difficult you create struggle and prolong getting where you want to be.

As I looked more closely at my own struggle I noticed I was making things complicated because I was afraid to decide. It was my fear of the unknown – what if blah, blah, blah? So I also have to fess up that I was afraid of making a mistake. Oh yes, dear reader, it happens to the best of us even if we have made countless decisions in the past.

So having taken a moment to inquire about my struggle I learned that there is NO WRONG DECISION because I am NEVER locked into the consequences of my choices. I was finally waking up to the message I keep teaching you! There are no wrong choices, only choices. Even if you don’t make the best choice, you’ll be guided to what you need to learn.

When I came to this realization I remembered a story one of my clients, who is a successful entrepreneur, told me. He said his business took off when he realized that he had to let go of controlling everything and accept that he could only anticipate so much, but making constant decisions in the moment as each new situation arose was his key to moving toward success. Breakthroughs finally occur when you finally let go and stop struggling!

Struggle is an illusion. The power of any illusion is its ability to keep you thinking the illusion is real. When you give up struggle it involves letting go of both the past and the future to activate what is needed right now.

When I’m faced with struggle I also consider it a contrast in my life. And one thing I teach is to embrace your contrast. So when I embraced this contrast I recognized how deeply I want things to FLOW in my life. There’s the golden nugget!

Flow happens when you give up struggling and forcing things to happen. Let go of trying to grasp onto resistance or insistence and instead step back and take more conscious actions. Remember, flow is the lack of resistance. It is effortless.

So the next time you are struggling, look at where you could bring more flow into your life. Believe in what is possible and get out of your own way.


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