What is your Emotional Quotient? It’s your capacity to see how your actions and words affect others. It is also the way you respond to the needs and emotions of others.

I love this question because I see so many clients who are highly intelligent and have great ideas but struggle in influencing, collaborating or getting their ideas off the ground.

So, let’s look at the simple mechanics: When you are feeling good and things are going well you’re not generally aware of how you are responding to yourself and others. Your flow of emotions is translated into good interactions. But when you’re under stress, you may find you tend to react with frustration, anger, selfish behaviours, distractions and sometimes, destructive acts. Without awareness, you may behave in a way that causes more damage and therefore exaggerates the stress and reduces the opening for solutions.

This is where the power of Emotional Intelligence can leverage and elevate your Intellectual/Knowledge intelligence so you can get the results you want. Simply put, emotional intelligence requires self-awareness so you can understand how you affect others and empathy to ensure you consider the impact of important changes or setbacks.

A strong Emotional Quotient is the ability to challenge your own reactions to any situation, while being mindful of how others are affected. For example, know when to listen more rather than convincing or defending and, know when to lead and when to follow.

There are times when you are driven to the edge of your emotional capacity. Acknowledging that reality plus self-awareness and empathy strengthens your ability to lead and influence. Just naming, “Hey, I see everyone is maxed out of energy, let’s take a 20min break, do a little self care and reconvene so we can bring our brilliance back in the room”, is powerful.

I often see teams pulled together for what they know. The dynamic then becomes a cacophony of ideas with no traction or ability to blend. When there is time taken to develop shared engagement, motivation and strong purpose, then the group offers it’s best and results are MORE THAN the original ideas.

A leader empowers people to deliver outstanding performance. So, they must lead with trust and respect, otherwise the experience is one of dictatorship that limits the flow of talent and participation. It works, but it’s limited.

And let’s open our eyes, everyone! Common people are doing the uncommon. This is a time in history where it’s not enough to know – you must know how!

Increasing your Emotional Quotient is not only the smart thing to do, but one of the most important leveraging of your resources you could ever do. AND it feels good! You do not have to swallow a big pill to get more traction, joy and fulfillment in your life. How great is that?!

If you know you have all the knowledge you need but you don’t feel like you’re getting traction in your life or repeating the same old patterns, then I have some easy actions for you to take to get your life flowing. Click here to book a Breakthrough Session and let me support you in your success.



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