On the days when I’m feeling a tad off… the “I’m not enough” monster can creep in. I’m not perfect, I’m vulnerable too! And since YOU are so important to me in all you do for your businesses, families and friends, I’m going to share with you my “GO HERE GAME PLAN” I invented for “those” kind of days… Ready?

1. Check your attitude. Where is your mind right now about what’s going on? Are you in a fixed mindset about the person or issue, meaning that you are in some form of “blame, shame or complain” and feeling powerless or are you in a growth mindset about the situation meaning that you know this moment is temporary and an opportunity to learn something and move on? Take a moment to be mindful and ask yourself which attitude you’re bringing to the situation. You can choose a different way of thinking about the situation that frees you up to take action.

2. List your accomplishments. That’s right… take out a piece of paper or your best note-taking device and write out those accomplishments! They could be anything from actual things you’ve produced, degrees or certificates you’ve achieved, awards you’ve won, or new habits and beliefs you have about yourself. When you see them then you are no longer run by fear or a false belief about yourself but now in the greater truth… you’ve accomplished some things… not nothing!

3. Remember an awesome badass day when you were your best-ever self. Go on, close your eyes, and remember a day when you just felt awesome… where you either kicked some ass or moved people to tears. Maybe your “best-ever-self” moment was a time when you arranged for a quiet long walk in the woods. Maybe it was a moment of courage, or kindness or sharing a brilliant solution. Whatever it is, get up and into the feeling of being that self.

4. Take action. Especially when I’m feeling not enough, I take action on something even if it’s imperfect. If I stay contracted, then I stop the flow, and nothing happens but more spiraling downward. You want to take action to signal to your brain (and the situation) that this is all figure-outable.

5. Celebrate your wins. I’m going to tell you that celebrating your wins is an antidote to not feeling enough. When you perpetuate the mindset of not-enoughness, you end up getting things done with a sense of survival and lack. No opportunity for thriving. You don’t even give yourself a chance to feel the goodness of your accomplishments let alone feel good about yourself. Take a moment and celebrate! Call a friend and say, “Hey, let’s celebrate… I wrote my next chapter!” or go buy yourself a lovely new tea because you made those calls. The celebration doesn’t have to be flashy; it just has to be conscious! Instead of ending your week with looking at what else has to be done, look at what you did do. Women especially are less likely to talk about their wins and we have to change that… take a moment now and think about how you could celebrate a win this week. Go ask a friend or colleague, “Hey, what went well this week?”

YOU are valuable and deserve to feel good about anything you set your mind to experience or bring about. My intention is to help you disrupt those moments of lack and self-criticism as quickly as possible, (and as lovingly as possible!) so you can continue to show the world what you’re about.

I believe you are more than enough to catalyze a magnificent life! Hope these 5 steps turn the page for you today. If you need some more help, don’t hesitate to book a Mindset Mastery Discovery Session with me here.





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