I promise I’m not going to get you to lay out your goals for 2017! Here’s what I’m going to do instead: I’m going to get straight to the chase and tell you your attitude is key to success, in any area of your life. But you really have to understand how to create a good attitude.

Your attitude is made up of what you think and how you feel about a given situation or person. Many of you can relate to thinking you know all you need to know about something but you might feel insecure at the same time. So, your attitude about the subject might be insecure.

But let’s remember an attitude is something you have, not something you are. Many of you might say, “I’m insecure about the fate of my business.” There is an identification with insecurity that then provokes a cascade of feelings that support the insecurity itself. The looping goes on in your mind and body and it becomes difficult to disengage from this attitude.

The attitude is really made up of stories you have about the person or situation, or about yourself and the person or situation. Getting at the story will help you free yourself and move into feeling better.

So, next time you are feeling like you have a bad attitude about something, check-in and say to yourself:

“I have some insecurity but I am not insecure!”

“What’s the story I’m telling myself about this situation? Is it true? Is it 100% true?”

Most often we find we’ve been duped by some old story we have about a situation. Usually it’s something that’s been passed along like, “Don’t make a fool of yourself!” or “You can’t do that on your own!” or “It won’t work for me!”

It’s such a great feeling when you realize you can change your attitude about something simply by inquiring about the story you’re holding and repeating in your mind. It’s the cog you can put in the wheel to turn things around.

And finally, the best way to develop a good attitude about anything you’re doing is to get really clear about what you want and match that with really feeling how it would feel to be it, have it, achieve it.

To round it all off, I have found over the years that the people who really have gorgeous lives and love them, cultivate an attitude of possibility and wonder. In this way, they remain open, curious and, even in the face of challenges, move forward in faith.

Hope this has been helpful. Leave a comment below and share some of your thoughts and experiences on this topic. I’d love to hear from you!



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