I find there is a special kind of freedom that friends enjoy. Freedom to share thoughts and innermost feelings, to ask a favor, and the freedom to enjoy just being in their presence.

If you are blessed enough to have good people in your life who have known you for many years, then you realize that there is a special kind of relationship in being known throughout your life. I’ve discovered that when your friends know you well, they can validate how you have changed and how you have not. In some cases, they can remind you of your hidden gifts and talents and encourage you to take the chances you sometimes avoid or back away from. The interaction can feel oh so soothing in difficult times and a complete joy in times of celebration.

Having Friends, Being a Friend

Now, having a good friend is also about being one. And let’s face it; a good friendship is seldom balanced (50/50) all the time. Sometimes one person needs attention more than the other, and then it might switch back at another time. One thing is true; a healthy friendship is never about one person being dependent on another or one person controlling the other.

Throughout your life, and especially if you are following the path of awareness, you may find that your friendships change. This is normal. Some friends you were close to may remain in a set of beliefs that you no longer value, like being a victim or choosing to struggle.

So today I ask you to let your good friendships know how good they are. Notice how you are a good friend. Are there ways in which you could be an even better friend?

Now wouldn’t that be a conversation worth having?!

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” – John Lennon



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