Right after I ask clients what they really want, I often hear, “What if this goes wrong? What if it doesn’t happen? What if he doesn’t call? What if I can’t do it? What if I fail?” To that I say, “Hold on to your vision!”

I mean where is the faith? Where is the trust that you’ll work through whatever comes your way?

You might believe that by questioning what could go wrong, you are doing your due diligence. We’ve all been trained that way to some extent. But success does not come to us, or enjoyment along the way, through doubt. Success comes by trusting the process.

Now you don’t have to believe me. But let’s just look at your options a little closer.

Person A and Person B are deciding to do something new in their lives.

Person A’s “what if” conversation goes like this:

“What if I can’t do it? What if it costs too much? What if my kids or my husband doesn’t like it? What if I can’t get a loan? What if people hate my idea? What if I fail?”

Person B’s “what if” conversation goes like this:

“What if I am so good at this I’ll change the world? What if I can do this easily? What if people will support my idea? What if my family supports and encourages me? What if someone will invest in my idea? What if I succeed?”

Are you starting to get my drift? We are so conditioned to look at what could go wrong based on the myth of being careful and judicious. Just imagine Person A and what the next moment on her path looks like. Her shoulders are up around her ears, furrowed brow, clenched hands and jaw, nervous and doubtful. Her thoughts and emotions will reflect the worry, doubt and fear that are being conjured up by the questions that will only reinforce the doubtful beliefs. As one of my mentors said to me, “Suddenly you find yourself arguing for your limitations!”

Now imagine Person B. Her next moment involves a smile on her face, a desire to connect and share her ideas; she has inspiration and excitement to act on her desires. People not only listen to her, they feel good and excited about what is about to unfold and feel compelled to help in any way they can.

Focus on Your Vision

I want to take a moment to appeal to your intuition (because often your ego gets in the way!) Think about it. When you first connect with a desire, it feels good. Now you have a choice: you can either open yourself to your desire, or not. When you go WITH your desires, meaning you focus your attention and intention on how wonderful your ideas are, how fantastic your vision is, and how magnificent it feels to just imagine having what you want, you create more possibilities to succeed. Why? Because when you feel good about something, you make good choices and decisions. Your brain functions optimally (creativity and logic) because when you are positive, your physiology is enhanced. When you feel negative (worry, doubt or fear) you block yourself from making good choices. Your brain power is compromised and you go into survival mode.

The next time you have a great idea, a new vision of yourself, or a new desire, get yourself right up and under that desire and write out the “what if” sheet in support of your desire. You’ll see, not only will you feel better, but better ideas will come, people will come around to help, even events might occur that you could never have orchestrated yourself.

If a challenge occurs, Person A will meet it with a “victim” response like “See, I knew it wouldn’t work”. But Person B will see that all challenges just help her get clarity on her vision or desire. Her response comes from faith, “What have I learned and how can I apply it to get closer to my vision?”

Your dreams and desires are unique and precious, so treat them that way. When you live your life in harmony with your desires, you begin to see the power of your thoughts and how fulfilling your life can be.

Hold on to your vision!


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