I know, I know, I talk about alignment ALL THE TIME. Well, there is a reason. You seem to forget this often! I’m sorry, but I have to tell you the truth. (That’s what you want me to do.)

The truth also includes the fact that sometimes you are “ignorant” about being out of alignment with what you really want. You actually don’t KNOW that you’re doing it. So I’m going to give you a few tips.

  • STOP believing in “what is”. You heard me. You are often caught up in the details of what is going on for you, especially when it’s bad. “Can you believe he did that?!” “I am stuck, I can’t do anything about this!” “She didn’t apologize.” “I am in such pain and it’s getting worse…it hasn’t changed in the last 30 minutes!” When you focus on what is wrong, you get more of what is wrong. This just drains your energy. Make peace with what is as it is only a point in where you are going.
  • Tune in to what it is you do want. “I like to be with people who are caring.” “I could go out for a run because I feel so good when I do that.” “I forgive her because I know she loves me and I love her.” “I know soaking in a hot tub eases my pain.” Remember, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I have a friend who is experiencing excruciating pain from a herniated disk in her spine. We talked about this. She could choose to live in pain and fear or pain and hope. She chose the latter. Soon enough, our conversation led to solutions. She focused of being hopeful and got hope.
  • Visualize your desired state. Take a moment to get quiet and focus on the details of what it is you truly desire. I find that most of my clients who can visualize, or write clearly, what they really want, are the ones who step into the life they desire the fastest.
  • Get into the feeling of being in that state. This is the key! I’ll say it again, this is the key! Because if you really think about it, whether we want great health, a fantastic relationship, or a new house, what we really want ultimately is the good feeling. The truth in life is that what we create always follows an emotion. BE in that emotion that corresponds with what it is you physically desire and you will start to see magic happen.

Think About Being in Alignment

I want you to think about that last point just a bit longer. When you feel confident, happy, good things tend to follow. When you feel insecure, threatened, bad things tend to follow. Next time you have a crisis, bring all your “good” stuff to the table – bring the confidence, bring happiness and peace of mind. I guarantee you will have a different experience.

My intention is to remind you, or to teach you, where your wellbeing lies. Practice these tips and let me know how it goes. Really, drop me a line at ellie@ellieballentine.com and share your experiences. In this way, I can help you fine-tune your path and get you feeling aligned with the life you want.

Oh ya!


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