I often talk to you about looking at life as a continuous flow of events and experiences. But I know there are times when you just don’t feel the flow; you may have received unexpected news, a project got derailed, or you might be doing all the “right” things yet you’re not getting the results you want. If you can relate, I’d like to share 4 inner muscles I exercise to bust through the blocks and get some flow going.

The first is to put your attention on what it is you truly desire. I don’t mean just the material things; I mean ultimately get in touch with why are you doing what you are doing. Is it the expression of something you love to do? Or is it the delight in the accomplishment? Or is it how you want to feel in your body? Whatever it is, take a moment to remind yourself what is the true purpose behind what it is you’re doing.

The second is to activate your intuition about creating the desire. Often when life challenges us, we orient ourselves more to the chaos or the meaning of the chaos than we do to the meaning of our goals and desires. Take a mindful moment, pause, and check in. What is really going on? What is your intuition saying about the challenges and how to move toward your desires? Is it telling you to let the moment pass? Forge on? Stand back and re-assess? When you develop your inner muscles, your intuition, you tap into a wiser and broader sense of your Self. From a wiser and broader perspective, you develop the inner muscles of discerning what is “noise” and what is relevant.

The third step has to do with commitment. What I mean by that is that if you find you are continuously dropping the ball or losing momentum on your desires then that is usually a signal that your desire has come from a place of lack or fear. For example, I’m sure you know that people successfully lose weight when they are in touch with a reason that feels good to them (here, I mean lose weight for the long term). You can tough out losing 10 lbs or you can stand back and say, “I want to feel healthy in my body because this is the body I live in, it’s the only one I’ve got to experience life, and I’d like to ski, hike and play tennis well into my 80’s.” Create your goals from a sense of desire rather than fear and you will more likely succeed. Coming back to your desire will also help you get momentum to make it through, or deal with, the challenges.

Finally, the fourth principle is to imagine that you have already accomplished or created your desire. You are living as if you already are the person who has your desires. When you take a brief moment to use your inner muscles and feel into this state, you set off a whole chain of reactions in the body that actually help you feel centred, focused and in a solutions orientation. As you hold that intention of succeeding, you can more easily assess the challenges in front of you and make better choices. Simply put, you are more in touch with the possibility than the challenge. You become more efficient and accurate in your thinking.

There is nothing linear about the suggestions above, so go on and play with them in any order. Remember, mastering the art of being is meant to be creative, playful and enjoyable. My intention is to bring you options and guideposts that hopefully catalyze a breakthrough within you.

You’ve got this!



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