Isn’t it time you felt calm MOST of the time?

And if you did, how would that change your life?

I feel so fortunate that I can write to you today from a place of peace and calm, feeling good about myself and my life when not long ago I was living in chaos, feeling scattered in my mind and actions. I was exhausted on all levels.

I remember when I was struggling to find a slice of time for myself, forcing my mind to create, and feeling like I had totally lost control. There were days when I felt nothing and I looked at my life as if I was distanced from reality. Then there were days where I was so consumed by my thoughts I wanted to repeat the days of feeling nothing!

I was not calm nor did I know how to find any sense of inner peace, and by that I also mean, just plain feeling good about life.

When your mind is scattered and your energy is drained, you CAN’T:

  • Access your best thoughts
  • Access your skills and talents
  • Feel connected to people
  • Make good choices or decisions
  • Feel safe and secure
  • Love or be loved
  • Inspire others

Many of you think you need to do “one more thing”, finish your to-do list, lose 10lbs, take another course, FIX IT!


When I went from depression to learning how to practice focused attention (meditation), here’s what changed:

  • The quality of my thoughts improved
  • My moods were more balanced
  • I felt safe and secure
  • I felt more connected to loved ones
  • I made good choices and decisions
  • I became more available as a mom and coach
  • I became recognized as an expert in my field
  • I experienced increased creativity and confidence

So much of happiness is based on the relationship to ourselves. If we want to be free, it is important to learn how to directly experience the unbroken chaos and impersonal confusion of our own minds without being disturbed by any of it. Imagine, if we can’t calmly handle our own thoughts and emotions while we are simply being still and paying attention, then how are we ever going to be able to make the appropriate choices when we are walking, talking and engaging with others?

Meditation is a kind of training for life.

Learning some of the basics of meditation and bringing a practice to your life is one of the best ways (efficient and effective) to achieve wellbeing.

Now you can learn how to meditate with the Just For Now: 4 Weeks to Inner Peace meditation series.

I start the course with clarifying what meditation is and what it is not. Then we go straight into experimenting with different types of mindfulness and meditation practices – guided meditation, visualization, breath work, and so much more.

Here’s what you’ll get in the 4 recordings:

  • An understanding of what meditation and mindfulness is
  • A variety of different ways to practice
  • The steps you can take to integrate meditation into your life
  • An intellectual and experiential understanding of the benefits of a meditation practice
  • In-the-moment practice each class

Here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Inner peace
  • Access to personal joy and happiness
  • Better clarity of thoughts and ideas
  • A greater sense of connection
  • A variety of ways that you can practice and continue to master your relationship to self
  • Just plain feeling good!

Each session is approximately 45-60 minutes long.

Here’s what one participant had to say about the Just For Now series:  “I love having the Just For Now recorded series.  I am a beginner at meditating but since I have started with JFN, I have been practicing ever since.  I appreciated your “down to earth” review of how I might experience meditating.  I was really able to let go and enjoy how I created my own practice.  I have listened to the recordings a few times now and I pick up something new each time!  Thank you Ellie, for teaching me to bring peace into my life.”

I’ve put some great research and years of experience into creating this meditation series that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.  Not too many people feel at ease beginning their meditation practice, but this series will have you feeling good in no time!

Now, if you were to work with me personally, one-on-one, the total cost would be close to $800!

I wanted this to be easy for everyone so the cost is just $99 for a limited time.

If it’s stress and a chaotic life holding you back from truly feeling safe, secure and happy then end that today and purchase Just For Now: 4 Weeks to Inner Peace.

Nothing would make me happier than to guide you to what thousands of people have found to be a simple practice that opens the floodgates to personal mastery.





Ellie Ballentine
The Mindset Mentor




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