I was invited last Sunday to an interview on CJAD 800 Life Unrehearsed with Corrie and Matt. The request was to talk about the hype around meditation and mindfulness and get clear about the benefits. So, I said, “Sure!” and off I went to their offices Sunday afternoon.

It just happened to be Gay Pride Day in Montreal, which is fantastic, because we Montrealers like to celebrate. I prepared myself ahead of time and headed out an hour early. Now, people were out in great numbers, so the police had to block a major east-west artery in downtown Montreal. But the numbers were so large, they also blocked 2 major streets north and 2 major streets south of said location. Plus, and I don’t know how we do it, Montreal is under construction… actually construction within construction which means detours within detours. (If you are a Montrealer and you are reading this you know exactly what I’m talkin’ about!) It took me 80 minutes to cover a 10km distance! I begged a security officer to let me leave my car near him, so I could get to my interview!!

As I arrived at the studios, I got a call from one of the hosts. She was stuck in traffic… and the other host was stuck in traffic… and the first guest was stuck in traffic! The show started at 4pm. Matt (host) arrived at 4pm and we both head up to the studio. In the elevator I could see the stress in his face and his mind calculating what to do. I just looked him in the eyes and let him know I was all about Plan B! He laughed and then we both ran to the studio. Literally within the next minute Corrie arrived. She was apologetic but also getting ready to start the show.

Now, I’m describing this to you because it’s relevant to the topic we go on to discuss. In those moments, I could feel my heart pumping, I could feel my mind searching for something to secure itself to, and at the same time I could feel a nice warm wash of presence emerge. I felt focused, present, and ready to go with the flow. I had to tell my mind to stop searching and be present! The hosts scrambled with paper and changing questions and setting up cameras for Facebook Live. And then they got focused. This was all within 2 minutes.

Although people listening in would have never known what was going on behind the scenes, the interview was a great example of “Life Unrehearsed” (the name of the show!) and how important it is to be able to get focused and present. Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. You can’t control everything. But when you learn to have a relationship with your mind and body that is positive, supportive and intelligent, you can bring forth your best self in the most difficult times. Meditation and mindfulness are 2 key practices that develop this key human ability.

Another surprise for me came when Matt declared in the interview, “I have to tell you Ellie, when someone mentions the word “mindfulness”, I tune out!” For some people, hearing that might set off defenses. For me, I was able to meet his declaration with openness and curiosity. This posture allowed us both to carry on the discussion to which he openly declared he was warming up to the benefits of practicing good mental hygiene. Mission accomplished!

Here’s the recording below. I’ll let you decide for yourself, but I thought telling you the story behind the scenes would give an even more authentic perspective to the interview. Life is not always perfect, or planned, or controlled, but when you learn to be centered in your mind and in your life, you can make some great choices… and have a few laughs along the way.

I don’t know about you but that’s success to me!





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