3 Mindset Tips for a Great Holiday Season

I know that at this holiday time of year, some of you get a bit freaky, or maybe a bit melancholy, or just down right messed up! So today I’m going to give you three Tips that will help you cultivate a better attitude and groove for your Holidays. These tips work on the Mind, Body and Soul 🙂

Your Holiday Groove

Tip #1: Get 3-dimensional!

Turn off those devices! The 2D experience is limited and limiting. Don’t get stuck behind the iPads, computers and TVs.

Now I’m a TV series marathoner like the best of them, but I get outside and see other people. Being in proximity with people you love and those who are like-minded lifts your spirit as well as helps your body function. When we lose touch with the 3D world, parts of our brain atrophy that reduces our capacity as humans to interact, read cues, and share space with each other. Balance is key here everybody.

Tip #2: Be Playful

Try to work playfulness is everything you do. From hosting family to visiting friends to working at the office, work some play into it. Put on your favourite music while you cook; go out for a coffee at your favourite place to plan out your shopping; make a commitment with your loved ones that having fun is a key ingredient to your day. If you have to stop and think about it then it’s been much too long without fun!

Tip #3: Be Still

Of course I would say that! Yes, please plan to be still at least once in your day. Take time out to reconnect with yourself, to let go of thoughts, to relax and rejuvenate. Practicing non-thinking is just as important to your mental health and well-being as thinking is. If you want a little help, I have a wonderful audio course that can teach you how to meditate and open yourself to a practice that is life-changing. Just click here to purchase.

Put these three Tips into practice and watch how the Holidays flow.

Cheers, to a wonderful Season!

With appreciation and




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  1. Domenica Toscano

    Thanks Ellie for still sharing all your wonderful advice. It always helps. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    P.S. We received an early Xmas gift last month. My mother is beating her cancer(stage 4 colorectal ) according to her amazing oncologist Dr.Katz at the Lakeshore.

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