9 thoughts on “A Mindset Moment”

  1. Thanks Ellie,
    Enjoyed. Well done. Appreciate your sharing this. It was useful.

    Getting ready to take my mother to Cuba for a week and then mid
    May Acho and I will walk the camino for two weeks.

    June 1st is my convocation at McGill.

    Would love to spend some time with you.

  2. I loved this, thank you! Just a mini pick-me-up, it was just what I needed.
    Nice to hear your voice too!

  3. Ellie! Thank you for this mindfulness moment. You are a natural in front of the camera and I really enjoyed this. I felt your ease and calm energy come through to me as I watched it.
    I look forward to your next ‘ mindful moment’.

  4. Loved it! Thank you for putting it on video.
    Now you are not just in my mind… you are in my home!
    And you nailed it right: our discomfort is not defining us, it is not who we are.
    Lets refocus and live in the present.

  5. OMG you’re beautiful and please get a little closer to the camera…fill the screen with your beautiful face. Less space between the top of your head and the top of the screen. You have a pleasant voice, perhaps in the future we could collaborate on a audio for reducing math anxiety. Thanks for this video…

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