Creating Positive Circumstances

Why is it that sometimes you find it so hard to create positive circumstances, or a sense of a positive future in your life? One reason could be that you have the tendency to spend most of your time in the past, reliving and replaying your memories. Look back on your average day and you may find that more than three quarters of your time is spent in the past (a lot of times without you realizing it). You might also find that not only do you try to relive the past, but you also attempt to change it!

When you attempt this impossible feat, you end up living in very small cycles where tomorrow tends to turn out similar to yesterday, and then you wonder why you do not have the power to change your life. It feels like you do not have the willpower or you do not have the ability to change the circumstances in your life or your destiny.

Now the truth is the past cannot be relived; it cannot be changed. The past is like a storage room of old files. When you arrive at work every day, do you step into such a storage room and spend the day there? The past is a great resource for learning and sometimes, a resource for useful information, but it is not a place to live or from which to create. You can build on the old, but you cannot rewrite it.

The future is the result of what you think, feel and do today. If today is the same as yesterday (because of constantly thinking about yesterday) then tomorrow will look and feel like yesterday and in this way you feel stuck and you get frustrated. Instead, I suggest you let go of the past so your future can shape up positively, different from yesterday!

The past is past. Drop it and keep dropping it.

Focus on what you desire and you will see your days begin to reflect those desires 🙂



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