Decide, Be Aware and Practice

I love freedom, and most of you who are reading this are also aligned with freedom. So the message is to the point. Be responsible for what shows up in your life and you will experience freedom. I want to remind you that it feels better to take responsibility for what is occurring in your life because that means YOU are the Creator of your life, no one else.

It takes awareness and practice to be aligned with your desires. So you won’t do well to start your day on “auto-pilot” at the mercy of everyone else’s agenda. One of the key success factors of abundant creators is being a great decision-maker.

Decide every morning what is important to you. Decide how you want to feel. When you take a decision, you set your desires in motion and your psyche begins to look for everything and everyone that matches that decision. When you leave yourself in limbo, you will receive just that – situations and people who reflect that feeling of uncertainty.

Decide that everything works out for you. Decide that your daughter is ok, and becoming the best she can be. Decide your ideas will blossom easily. Decide that your spouse is going to be ok. Decide that you are becoming the woman/man you want to be. Decide that you will have a great day.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Mindfully and with love,


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