Give Up These To Be Happier

I made a list the other day of things I just want to give up on. What I mean by that is I can find myself blocked, feeling like a weight on my shoulders, yet all I want is to feel free and purposeful in my life. Happier. In a humorous way, I told myself, “That’s it, I’m giving up!” And when I thought about that phrase, I thought, “Yes, there are things I really could give up”.

I made a list of all the negative things that are in my way and decided to give them up. It gave me relief and I began to instantly feel happier. So, of course, I thought I’d share it with you.

(I found it impactful to stand up and say the list out loud.)

I give up my self-defeating self-talk.

I give up my limiting beliefs.

I give up self-criticism.

I give up my need to impress others.

I give up any resistance to change.

I give up labels.

I give up on my fears.

I give up my excuses.

I give up the past. I give up attachment.

I give up living my life to other peoples’ expectations.

Create Your Own List to be Happier

You can add or create your own list… just take a moment, take a deep breath, as you exhale just relax into yourself, then think about what things you are doing that no longer work for you. Write them down and give them up!

Here are some other useless things that you could give up to be happier:

I give up my need to be right.

I give up my need for control.

I give up on blame.

Congratulations! You have just cleared your “psychic deck” which makes room for more clarity and possibility in your life.

Hope this leaves you feeling lighter and brighter 🙂



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