Do You Know You Practice Freedom Everyday?

If one of your great desires is to become an enlightened human being, your ability to do so depends upon accepting the simple fact that independent of external circumstances, you always have the freedom to choose.

Now that might sound like a simple statement, but it’s amazing how many intelligent people will deny it.  I hear it all the time, (I’m even guilty of it myself): “I can’t feed myself well today because my kids are sick.”  “I can’t stand paying my taxes.” “He’s incorrigible, he made me do this, then I had to do….”, including my favorite, “I had no choice!”

When you look honestly at yourself, however, you will see that you are always choosing.  Albeit sometimes your choices are conscious and sometimes they are unconscious (your typical reaction falls here).  Sometimes you choose from a place of being inspired which calls upon the best parts of your self.  Other times, you are motivated perhaps by lower quality thoughts and urges.

The truth is that every time you act or react, at some level a choice is being made.  And YOU are the one who is making that choice.

After all, who else could it be?

Mindset Practice:

Notice what you choose.  If you say “Yes” to something, look at what you are saying “No” to, and vice versa.  For example, I’ll say “yes” to doing more research tonight so I’ll be saying “no” to some social life.  Does the choice still work or is it too costly?  In this case (yep, it’s me), it’s too costly.  I could feel my desire for fun and social begin to revolt!  When I stop to notice, I’m taking care of myself and allow what is “better” for me to flow. (So g.f.s, here I come!)

If you don’t like what you chose, choose again!  Simple, simple, answer.  You can always “course correct”.  This is you learning what you prefer and taking responsibility for what you choose.  That is freedom!

Appreciate your freedom daily!

I find the second point so fascinating!  I mean my mind is speeding so fast right now wanting to tell you 100 benefits of just being aware of what you choose, that I literally have tripped over typing this paragraph!

So, I’ll choose to take a deep breath.

What I’ll share in this article is that I want you to consider that you can’t get it wrong.  Within that there is so much freedom.  If the choice you made does not bring you want you want, then all you have to do is make another choice.  This mindset gets you out of perfectionism and into growing which leads to happiness.

Did I mention it gets you out of perfectionism??!!

Have fun playing with your choices and exploring your freedom.


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1 thought on “Do You Know You Practice Freedom Everyday?”

  1. Ellie has helped me see the light on so many issues and habits that needed to be
    broken and tossed aside. I finally see myself coming clean on my Emotional Eating habit
    after over a decade. I finally see the light and care about myself enough to want to do something about it. More excercise, healthy eating during the day so I won’t need to eat at night unless it’s something healthy.

    Amongst many other family issues that I have learned to deal with and move forward on!
    Thank you Ellie

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