Take Action on Your New Beliefs

We last left our conversation where you were working on what you need to believe in order to have what you want and then choose to believe it. How did it go? Did you experiment? What showed up? Did you get confronted with more old beliefs? Did you inquire and see if those old beliefs are still a match to your desires? Clean ‘em up, my dear friends, and have your new beliefs align with what you know is true now.

Today I want to break it down even more, and guide you on what to DO once you’ve made the decision to align with these new beliefs.

Start by taking action on the first thing you become aware of that needs to change. You’re probably already getting an idea of something to change or do. It might be get the chocolate out of the house, or book a trainer, or buy a new notebook for writing. It might be make a reservation for dinner with your spouse, clean out your closet or home office. Whatever feels good, take action on the ideas that arise from that good feeling (alignment).

This is your intuition, or Inner Guidance System, telling you where to go first.

Write it down and take immediate action on it.

Then, follow that action all the way. The first action will lead to a second action, which will lead to a third and so on.

Don’t stop until those actions resolve themselves.

You may experience uncertainty along the way, because it may take two, three or four steps before you start seeing results.

Realize that your next step won’t be clear to you until you take action on the one you’re facing. Just like you have to decide first before you see your path, you also have to take the current step before the next one is revealed.

This is where some of you cross your arms and say, “Hey, are you suggesting that I begin without knowing the outcome?” YES! This requires faith and it is absolutely imperative when you’re following a creative path.

Once you get past your initial fear, you’ll start having fun, because life is a constant adventure when you live in this way.

Where you get the best results is when you are disciplined, and that just means to be a student always. Study expands your mind, increases your awareness and helps you develop your understanding, which is crucial for using these principles.

People frequently ask me, “How do I know if I’m doing it right?”

This is actually one of the ways. If you have a fear that is holding you back more than your inspiration to do something, you don’t have the right inspiration.

To find the right inspiration, look to your secret thoughts. What do you think about but never tell anyone?

If you’re still uncertain, don’t let that stop you. Return to number one and make the decision to follow your desires.

Once you decide to commit to that path, it will start to light up for you, one brilliant step at a time.

And finally, before I let go of the day, sometimes I’ll write down a couple of actions I would like to take if I’m given a glimpse of something that feels good. But I always reserve room to change my mind 😉

Go on now! Have some fun with this. These are subtle but powerful steps and they make all the difference between creating a hectic life and creating a life of joy and ease.

Let me know how it goes.



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