The 3 P’s of Meditation

I am very enthused about the number of people who are coming to me with requests to learn how to meditate. In all the coaching I do, some form of meditation or mindfulness practice is critical to creating breakthroughs and continued clarity. I have seen extraordinary results with addictions, abuse, loss, and new challenges where people are out of their comfort zones but able to navigate through their fears.

Today, I want to focus on how to get you going and keep you going in your practice.

Now, one of the lovely side effects of meditation is no longer identifying with all the static going on in your “mental radio”. You get to tune into Channel YOU without the noise. Wouldn’t that be nice? Can you imagine the peace, the ease, and the clarity?! What I notice is that some of you are short on patience, perseverance and practice. One of my mentors identified those 3 P’s to me when I was starting out. Yet we live in a time of instant information, communication, and news so the 3 P’s do not get much attention.

So let’s remember that patience really is about staying with something knowing that at some point change will occur. There is a kind of acceptance inherent in the process coupled with surrender. It’s not passive, it’s actively solution-focused.

Perseverance is similar in that it refers to a kind of staying power but also refers to moving forward despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Finally, meditation is called a “practice”, which means you keep at it without holding on to expectations.

So here are a few ways to inspire yourself to meditate or practice mindfulness when you feel resistance or no progress.

1. Accept where you are in this moment.

Oh how often I skipped this one step, only to find myself “pushing upstream” once again. Not accepting where you are at just makes room for more drama, judgments and stories about why you can’t do what you set out to do (in this case, meditate). It’s also exhausting. Let go of the judgments, complaints or worry, and you set yourself free to start again. Once I began accepting where I was at, I could feel a lightness to return to my practice.

2. Adjust your practice.

Sometimes you begin with such fervor and exactness that you lose sight of what works for you. You can take instruction as information but always adjust to make it work for you. Take a look at when you are practicing. Is it a time that works for you? How about your environment? Have you set up a place where you can be uninterrupted? Is it inviting and comfortable? This is a work in progress, not to be forced, but to be allowed.

3. Practice.

Just sit quietly with no expectation. Pay attention to the cycles of breath, noticing how the inhale leads to the exhale and the exhale leads to the inhale; allow yourself to focus on the breath, not the thoughts. This is you tuning into Channel YOU 🙂

I wish you peace in your practice.


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  1. Hi Ellie,

    I loved this article, and it came at an opportune time as I try to re-instate a mindfullness practice while my work schedule fires up.

    Thank you for always being so wonderfully you,
    Gab xo

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