There is Strength in Numbers

I recently bumped into an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few years. Instead of doing the usual “yes, let’s get together sometime soon” nod, I called her up and said, “any room for tea tomorrow?” She’s a busy girl, like many of us, but she said “Sure!”

I had originally met this friend at a meditation group we attended 10 years ago and we stayed with the group for close to 6 years. At some point we both went our separate ways continuing our spiritual journeys and developing our lives in different areas. After catching up on where life took us, we realized that we had been walking in parallel over these years. We shared our experiences in our personal lives, our professional lives and our spiritual lives. The similarities were profound. And the one conclusion, or truth, that we both shared deeply was the strength of women when they get together. She has built a highly successful business on it. I have reduced suffering and created well-being for many through it.

Strength in Numbers in Nature

What follows was inspired by our conversation. Not necessarily the details of the conversation, but the process.

In nature, when birds have to fly to a warmer climate in winter, they flock together and start their journey as a group. The success of the journey depends on the group: if an individual bird does not join the group, it cannot reach the destination on its own. Birds fly in a particular formation, with an appropriate space between them as they fly. If they fly too close to each other, their wings get entangled; they lose their balance and fall. If they remain too far from each other, the formation cannot be created properly, and they are not able to ride the currents of air, which help to propel them in their flight. Furthermore, the leader of the formation does not remain the leader throughout the whole flight, but moves back and allows another to take its place. This re-positioning continues throughout the flight until the destination is reached, allowing individual birds to contribute to the success of the journey.

Strength in Harmony

The reality of life is that we are individuals within a collective whole. Just like the birds, we are all a part of an unlimited “Flight of Harmony”. 
When friends depart, know that they may be flying in the same direction, just not right next to us in every moment. We have to give each other a good amount of space or else we can “lose our balance and fall”. But we also have to re-connect so we can propel each other towards our greatness.

I dedicate these thoughts to the women in your lives. Take good care of your flock. And if I can help make that fun, make way and I’ll lead you to your destination.

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