What “The King’s Speech” and Ellie have in Common!

For those of you who did NOT see the film “The King’s Speech”, this article will not have a punch, but it still might mean something to you. For those of you who DID see the film, read on…

As I was sitting in the theatre captivated by a sweet film about the experience of King George VI of England and his endeavors to release himself from a debilitating speech impediment, I was struck by how captivated and excited I was for every moment the King and his speech therapist (played by Geoffrey Rush) worked together! Each encounter I was right beside Geoffrey Rush’s character wondering how was he going to help the King make a breakthrough when it often looked impossible. Was he going to play a game, build on the relationship, create contrast, do an exercise, what?!

And here is why I am sharing this little personal moment with YOU. It is because the role Geoffrey Rush played in the film is…exactly…what…I…do! He wasn’t just a speech therapist, just like I’m not just a psychotherapist. The film is about how to practically and strategically shift someone towards the outcome they so much want, despite their defenses, their obstacles, and even their background. At the end of the film, we are all so proud of the King’s breakthrough we stood up and applauded! (Well, I did!)

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the film. I was assessing, relating, sensing, devising, non-stop. This is just to say that obviously I love what I do!

Life is changing rapidly and as a culture I can see we are shifting. We want to understand how we can change in order to get the outcomes we so dearly want.

For a moment, imagine having someone who can receive you just as you are, understand your obstacles and help you navigate your way through. Imagine experiencing the highest version of YOU. And imagine having fun doing it!

Then call me.

I am at your service.

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