Welcome to the menu of some of my favourite tools to calm your busy mind. Below, you will see a list of carefully and lovingly created meditation and mindfulness practices.

I have developed these with inspiration and wisdom that’ll connect you to your heart and help you feel focused, calm, and resilient every day.

Feel free to purchase one to bring to your own practice. Once you have mastered it, come back for the next. Or for some of you who know you like variety, I have curated a few packages to meet different needs.

Take a look through the descriptions. There is something here for everyone!

BONUS! Each meditation comes with a bonus setup meditation to enhance your preparation and experience.



Meditation Store

Individual Meditations


Start Your Day Right

How you begin your day can make or break it! In this 10min meditation, I share my routine and inspiring meditation that leads to presence and awareness which promotes mental and physical stamina, resilience and peak performance. An excellent way to spend the first 10min of your day!


End Your Day Right
Doesn’t it make sense to end your day well? Right after work is a transition time. The benefits of making it a conscious practice are abundant. I share how this meditation is healthy for both the body and the mind whether you are getting ready to tend to your family or a night on the town.


Heart Centre Meditation
Whether you feel emotionally drained, disconnected, rejected, maybe even lonely, my Heart Centre meditation will instantly calm you and bring the power of awareness to heal those negative emotions. And if you’re feeling extra happy and joyful, this meditation will be a way for you to harness and share all that good feeling!


Your Inner Sanctuary
This guided meditation is a favorite among my clients. Having a place to go in the mind where you can let go of your reality for a moment, and step into a place of beauty, peace, and calm has the positive effect of not only relaxing the body and mind, but of re-connecting you to what is true and valuable to you. Find a cushion, get comfortable, press play and have yourself transported to a new world.


Cultivating Presence
How present are you in your life? Do you find yourself multi-tasking while listening to your children? Or flipping through your social media while in a meeting? Presence is an inner game that leads to peak performance, better relationships, and greater resilience. Join me in this guided visualization as you harness the power of your imagination to exercise and cultivate your presence muscle.


Appreciation Practice
This is a meditative and writing practice so make sure you have pen and paper or scribing tool nearby. Appreciation is a powerful act. But sometimes it’s difficult to find when things are tough. When I practice appreciation no matter what, I remember I am a human being, not a human doing! In this 15min practice, you will meditate for 10min on appreciation then move to a 5min contemplative writing practice. This is an excellent way to cultivate appreciation. Enjoy!


Threshold Relaxation
Have you ever found yourself clenching your jaw or fists? Or maybe you have a massage and you suddenly realize how tight you’ve been holding your shoulders. Most of us go through the day unaware of the tension we hold. “Threshold” Meditation is an exercise that teaches you to be sensitive to small changes in the body. Through practice the body learns what relaxation feels like in each muscle. You become more aware when the tension is occurring in the moment. Through practice, you develop ways to do this in an unconscious way.


Let’s Make a Change
This gentle and creative meditation uses the power of visualization to help make whatever you want to change in your life, easier to shift. You can use this 5min meditation to support any behaviour or belief shift you want to make.


Deepening Awareness
Meditation can sometimes be elusive for people. Where is the mind? There is an aspect of becoming aware of your attention that is difficult to pinpoint or understand. For this reason, I have created a meditation to take you through 3 small steps to point you in the right direction;

  • Become aware of your own awareness
  • Notice the space between one thought and another
  • The 360-degree awareness exercise


Self-Care for the Busy Mind

Are you someone who wishes you weren’t so scattered throughout the day? If so, you’re not alone. You were never taught how to manage your energy and your mind.

Get grounded and grateful with 2 of my most popular meditations to start and end your day right. Even if you’ve never meditated before, you’ll find comfort in these soothing meditations.

This collection includes:
• Start Your Day Right
• End Your Day Right
• Bonus: How to Set Up for Meditation

Price: $9.99

Explore Your Mind

Sometimes you just need a place to go to for beauty, peace and calm. A place that lets your thoughts settle, become dreamlike, and maybe even sort through a problem. This bundle guides you to a place within where you can visit anytime. I have also included a track that includes 3 different practices to deepen your awareness.

This collection includes:
• Your Inner Sanctuary
• Deepening Awareness
• Bonus: How to Set Up for Meditation

Price: $9.99

A Little More Love and Presence

Do you find yourself a little more emotional lately? Combine these 2 meditations and practices in your life and you will feel like a Radiant Rockstar; managing your emotions, staying present, and strengthening your inner game.

This collection includes:
• Heart Centre Meditation
• Cultivating Presence
• Bonus: How to Set Up for Meditation

Price: $9.99

Ready, Steady, Shift

Do you find yourself avoiding change or getting confused by it? Does it sometimes leave your body drained? I have put these 2 tracks together so you have a mindful practice to understand change in your body and a guided visualization to help you creatively make change. Smart for the body and the mind!

This collection includes:
• Threshold Relaxation
• Let’s Make a Change
• Bonus: How to Set Up for Meditation

Price: $9.99

For those of you who might think, “Give me the whole thing, Ellie!”

You can have ALL the meditations with you for all times of day and situations, and you can find a routine that works to bring you calm and joy.

These meditations and practices increase your focus, resilience, improve your performance daily, and work like a balm on the body and soul. Deepen your connection to yourself and others through the simple tools found in this digital album.

The whole Self-Care for the Busy Mind Album includes all of the singles above plus the Bonus!

Value: $70
Price: $39.99

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