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For most professionals, overcoming challenges is part of their job description. Yet, when the problem is personal or is adversely affecting them as individuals, it can become overwhelming and confusing – especially for those who are accustomed to having the right answers.

That’s where Ellie Ballentine comes in. Ellie provides expert coaching and therapeutic guidance for high-performing individuals who find themselves facing a setback.

Ellie’s specialties include clearing leadership and performance issues as well as resolving mindset obstacles. Throughout her career she has effectively helped clients overcome addiction problems, heal broken relationships, and resolve career obstacles.

Ellie has a unique point of reference for such hurdles, having overcome her own unfulfilling circumstance that led to a defining life moment when she left the banking consulting world to fulfill a new path in professional counseling. She has since devoted herself to helping professionals connect their purpose to the real world.

Along with an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business, Ontario, Ellie has a master’s degree in psychology in clinical counseling from the University of Ottawa. She has facilitated the process of healing through therapeutic guidance for over fifteen years. She blends creative and holistic thinking with corporate survival principles to help people break through what holds them back in life. As a graduate of the Academy for Guided Imagery in Berkeley, California, she also incorporates meditation and guided imagery into her counseling practice.

A licensed transformational therapist with real-world business experience, Ellie has a distinctive understanding of real-life challenges that hit people in the upper levels of the success ladder. She is an engaging facilitator and draws both from her personal knowledge as a former consultant and her experience traveling and living throughout Europe and North America.

Ellie takes the art of therapy beyond personal probing, and triggers actual breakthroughs. By drawing on the principles of quantum physics, she effectively helps you retrain your brain to arrive at the best resolution for your challenges.

True to her genuine practice style, Ellie sees each client as a distinctive work of art with a unique story waiting for breakthrough. She knows the generic “rules” of the business world can stifle clarity. To work through this, she helps clients take charge of their mindset and step into a life of greater authenticity.

Sometimes, it takes a different set of eyes to understand what it is you see.

After working through your challenges with Ellie, you’ll gain a sweeping new perspective on your life that allows for real breakthrough toward discernible, constructive change. By teaching you to recognize the threads that make up your story, she’ll show you how to craft a new, authentic approach to success.

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