Suddenly you are in your first long weekend of the summer and you can’t believe it! You’re either saying, “Here we go!” or, “Omg! I have nothing planned and it’ll be over in no time!”

If you’re in the latter group, I’ve got a few ideas that can help you save your summer. Mindfulness can bring you back to centre and allow you to stop the usual in order to create a bit of un-usual. C’mon, don’t you love to have some summer fun?!

As in any mindfulness practice, the first step is to STOP, or pause, (because your life is that important!) and bring your attention to the things in life that matter most to you. Remind yourself of what feels very good to you. Is it getting together with friends, or paddling on a calm lake, or meandering through a local festival? Step back from what you think you have to do and allow yourself a moment to cultivate what you would like to do.

Next, use your imagination to help you get into the feeling of what you really love about summer. Play around with possibilities and see if you feel tense or relaxed the more you visualize it.

Once you’ve landed on a few things that feel good, then go ahead and state your intention. Be clear about what you intend to do… you don’t have to have all the plans, but when you declare your intention, your mind will look for ways for that to occur. Your neurology will already be lined up with the intention and you will feel clearly when you are out of alignment and when you are IN alignment.

The next best thing to do is take some action on the intention. Set up some dates, make a plan to be on the lake for a week, or buy those tickets. When you take action on those things that feel really good, you will always thank yourself for having followed through.

If you were one of those people who was not quite connected to creating a great summer, I hope you are now! Go have some fun. I dare you!

With strawberry love and mojito cheekiness,



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