BOO! Hoo

BOO–it’s your shadow. The phrase “shadow energies” comes from a description that the famous psychologist Carl Jung developed to encompass that part of us that brings negativity to the table. You could think of the shadow as those pervasive and often negative hidden impulses that influence your everyday decisions like fear, shame, regret, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Here’s How To Handle Shadow Energies:

  1. Don’t panic — The shadow is built into your psyche, and when it brings fear, hostility, and resentment to the surface, those feelings want to get out. They cause disruption, but your panic only makes them stick around longer.
  2. Try not to be overwhelmed — Eruptions from the shadow are transitory. If you don’t encourage them, these energies dissipate naturally. If you are overwhelmed, however, the net result is exhaustion and loss of energy.
  3. Remind yourself who you really are — You are much more than your shadow, because your aspirations, hopes, and dreams keep advancing despite the shadow’s apparent power. Pay the least attention to these disruptions as you need to in order to calm down and refocus.
  4. Keep a clear focus — When the shadow says BOO it creates disorder and runaway emotions. If you focus on your purpose and remain rational, you will anchor yourself to a more stable reality.
  5. Don’t fight fire with fire — If you sink to the level of dark energies, you will be fighting on their terms, and the likelihood is that you will lose.

Dealing with your “shadow” is a great secret doorway into knowing who you really are. Often you do not want to open that door. But when you do, you will find your way out of “prison” and into a better version of yourself.



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