Hectic Meter Rising

When I feel the hectic meter rising in you, I KNOW you have walked away from who you really are. So today’s article is about nudging you back to feeling in alignment with what you desire.

When you are hectic, or struggling in some manner, you are simply off track.

First thing – don’t make it a big story. We fall off track all the time. I often tell my clients that planes are always off track and the pilots and instruments are in constant relationship with the plane to get it on track. Accept that YOU can get off track and all you have to do is use your awareness and choice-making to get you back on track.

Who we THINK we are is often how we show up. This is a perception which is usually based on what other people have said about us, rather than listening to ourselves. For a large portion of my life I believed what others told me to believe. In fact, I believed that what other people thought of me was more important than what I thought of myself. I didn’t stop to think of what I thought!

Living without struggle is about focusing on WHO YOU ARE and what you can do in this moment. It’s not about who you are not, or what you cannot do, or what you don’t have.

Accept that life is not always easy and does not always follow a straight and convenient path. Let life unfold through you instead of putting your life into a box of expectations. Doesn’t it seem true to you that those people you know who are successful, or happy, are more than just positive thinkers? They seem to just create success and happiness!

So, focus on what you desire. The truth is that who you are is not dependent upon anything you accomplish. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Just do what you can do in this moment.

Nothing else is required.



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