If you find yourself saying

If you find yourself saying,


“Oh my days are turning into weeks, into months, into years…same old same old..”

“I can’t seem to come up with fresh ideas.”

“I don’t know if I can do this!”

“I am so darned curious about…”

Or you might be procrastinating about that one thing that will feel great if it gets done.

You are ready to uplevel yourself. Don’t hesitate, just pull out a pen and paper and observe through the following headings where you could uplevel yourself and your experience in life.

Mind – Imagine what would make you feel really great in your mind? Take a course, practice mindfulness, observe your thoughts? Upleveling your mind might also include learning which foods feed the brain.

Body – This could be everything from more workouts to better workouts, more down time to more physical time. Does hiring a trainer or a yoga instructor feel good? Maybe it’s pampering with massage and body wraps, or maybe it’s having an adventure like white water rafting or hiking.

Environment – Take a moment to look around you from where you are sitting. Do you enjoy what you see? If not, what small changes could you make to feel like you’ve upgraded your surroundings? Now look beyond the room you are in. Do you love the space you live in? This topic can also include the people you hang out with – do they uplift you or drain you?

Conversation – Try no complaining, blaming or shaming for 3 days! You’ll begin to see all the unnecessary conversations you may be having. Notice what you are saying to yourself. Are you kind, forgiving and supportive? Try taking a pause before you respond in a conversation so that you begin to be mindful about what you say to others.

“What are you Saying?” Self Review

I highly recommend gifting yourself with this kind of self-review. It doesn’t take long and the result is so valuable. You may identify patterns that you didn’t see before. The other benefit is that once you uplevel the different areas in your life, you get to experience a more expanded and authentic YOU!

Movin’ on up!

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