Mindset Visualization

Feeling sluggish in the mind, wishing you were “there already” and not “here”, antsy and you don’t know why?

Often we get into action mode and we don’t stop to “smell the roses” or ground ourselves in the WHY we are doing what we are doing. We can be run by our subconscious thoughts and beliefs and cut ourselves off from our creative force.

When the foggy mind, lack of creativity and sluggish energy start to show up, I reach to my toolkit for cleaning out the mind.

The visualization I am going to share with you will work on a subconscious and super-conscious level – meaning, you’ll be virtually cleaning out some old beliefs that no longer serve you and tapping into your creative force to bring in the revitalized energy. You’ll be amazed at how simple this is!

Click below to relax, release and create a fresh new start.




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5 thoughts on “Mindset Visualization”

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  2. Marie-Josee Larue

    I listened to this audio “spring cleaning visualization” a month ago and its was so relaxing that it encouraged me to try meditation as often as possible.
    As story that you may find interesting: \At the time I listened to your audio I had just had a stressful accident. While helping my in-laws to get their car out of the garage after a long winter I hit my head on a lead pipe that was hanging and I ended up with 7 stiches to my head. So when I listened to your visualization audio and you said “imagine an opening on the top of your head where the golden light can come through” I smiled because the opening was already there.

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