No Place Like Home

My clients have a variety of different backgrounds; lawyers, partners in firms, philanthropists, financial managers, advertisers, actors, writers, entrepreneurs, and more. My market niche, as they say, is not a particular profession. Instead, they are people who are wanting to show up the best they can in whatever they choose to apply themselves in whether that be working for a firm, launching a new service, writing a book, having an awesome relationship or being the best parent possible. With this passionate intention of giving their all, one theme most people want to talk to me about is gaining that feeling of “being at home”. People say, “I just want to feel like I fit in, Ellie”, or “I know this is right because it feels like home.”

no place like home

So I thought today I would unpack this because I think it speaks to a lot of you. Underlying the conversation is a desire to be authentic and most people describe it like feeling at home or arriving at a place where you just “fit”, and being comfortable in your own skin.

Well, of course, home feels safe and secure. It’s a comfortable place to rest and create, a place that is known and you can call yours. This feeling often signals a need to trust yourself, claim your dignity and integrity and realize there are aspects of yourself no one can take away from you. Oh how good it can feel to know who you are and hold your head up high.

And isn’t it true, when you act in an authentic way, you command the world to reflect back to you exactly what is in your highest good? Your business choices, the investments you make, and the creative projects you immerse yourself in are powerfully on-point! Why? Because when you are fully yourself, radically accepting everything in your journey to date – both successes and failures – you will see the gift in all things. You begin to see that abundance is a natural progression when you experience this kind of authenticity.

Take a pause and check-in. Have you been feeling good in your own skin? Have you been authentic in your relationships and service? Do you trust yourself? If not, be the observer in your life and identify where you’re holding back or not trusting yourself. Look at the beliefs you are holding about those situations and about yourself. Inquire, is the belief true? If not, what belief could you hold about the situation that would allow you to show up authentically? Now act on it!

What I want for you would be to always know you have what it takes to feel authentic and good about yourself. Remember what Glinda, the Witch from the North said to Dorothy, “You always had the power my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.”

Be true to yourself. Show up as authentic as you can and you will reap the benefits. If you’re struggling and want to feel more authentic in your life and career then contact me and we’ll discuss how I can support you to find that sweetspot in your life.




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