The Secret to Renewal

I think we put too much pressure on ourselves when we consider the New Year, so I would like to offer you a new perspective.

Let’s take a look at the word “new”. What does “new” mean? I think of beginning once again, the beginning of a new cycle, a sense of a chance, things I want to improve, higher aspirations. What does renewal mean to you?

I find that when I connect with a desire to develop or improve myself, and the desire to affect the world for the better, I feel inspired.

Inspiration is a felt human experience where your awareness expands (which has to do with renewal). You feel you can break through to new grounds. It’s as if you have the emotional conviction that it is possible to go higher in your experience – the felt sense that everything is possible.

Inspiration is also an experience of liberation and freedom. When you feel inspired, you feel unburdened from limitations. Just think of the times when you are inspired – you are free from self-doubt and cynicism. Of course, the sense of worry and doubt about your possibilities can exist, but at these times of renewal, you let in a small gap… INSPIRE-ation… a breath… and the negative fades in the background for a moment.

Inspiration is Renewal

When you are awake to this felt sense of inspiration, you awaken to a sense that all things are possible. Historically, when all beings are awake to this inspiration, we’ve been able to move mountains!

Just think, when you are free from self-doubt and cynicism of what is possible, and connected to what IS possible, you feel how positive it is to be a part of a creative process. Inspiration really is what creates our experience and the world.

Inspiration points you in a direction of possibility.

I believe that to exist means to evolve – the entire process is in a state of constant becoming. You might forget that the Universe is trying to evolve through you especially when you focus on doubt or fall back asleep in the mundane realities of the need to survive or distract yourself.

I suggest the following:

What would your life be like if every day were like the New Year? A sense of renewal each day? What would your relations look like, with yourself and others?

Do what you can to remain awake to inspiration, to the experience of what is possible. Create your own personal list of things to do that bring you inspiration

  • Read inspirational stories
  • Listen to inspirational talks (Google TedTalks and choose a topic – it’s fabulous!)
  • A walk in nature
  • Workout
  • Cook an inspirational meal

Find the energy and the conviction to embrace/be open to this energy. I guarantee you will no longer feel trapped.



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