Since relationships are one of the most significant areas of importance in your life, I would like to suggest some self inquiry: how good, close or deep is your relationship with yourself? How well do you know yourself? Are you your own friend?

One way to do this is to think over the last week or so, and look at your reactions and responses to situations and people. Were they unexpected or uncontrolled, or just not what you would have liked to have done? How many reactions left you depressed, confused, sad, without peace, negative or just plain uncomfortable?

If there have been many of these situations, it is an indication that there are still things deep within you that you do not know.

Most often a friend is someone whose company you enjoy, for whom there is love and you receive some benefit. Do you feel this way about yourself? If you are able to feel joy and some benefit with a friend, you’ve probably taken time to get to know the friend deeply.

Only by taking the time to get to know them, their likes/dislikes, dreams and desires and accepting who they are in each moment, do you really receive the joy. In any relationship, if there is not enough time and attention given to it and it is not nourished, it gets affected negatively.

In the same way you give large amounts of time and attention to your families, work, businesses, routine activities, training and responsibilities, your relationship with yourself should also be given enough time and attention, so that it does not suffer.

Just think about that for a moment. If you are not careful about that, the rest of your life may use up your energy completely and leave you burned out.

Find times in the day when you can give attention to the things you love to do, that uplift you, and energize you. If you don’t know how, then use that as a starting point. Don’t make a big deal of it. Just step into what would feel better.

I guarantee, the peace and happiness you long for will be obtained by having a good, positive relationship with yourself.

Now go on and BE your own bff!


Ellie Ballentine


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