Ok, you may be sighing with relief or you may be reading this with your jaw dropped and one arm reaching for the comfort of your agenda. I, personally, was that second person until I learned something that I did not know (bff- I know that’s hard to believe).

Managing your energy will help you manage your time better! Let me explain. Time is just something we’ve created so that you and I can meet, or if you want to throw a dinner party, arrange for everyone to be at your place at the same time. Energy, however, is not a “man-made” construct, it just IS. Energy is behind everything we do. So, when we learn to expend our energy well, we actually manage our time much better.

In order to give you an example, I am going to have to start where you are, rather than give you a lesson on what you “should “ have done. Let’s say you open your agenda for today and you see you have some time slots booked. In fact, you have a client or an appointment at 8:30am, 11am, 2 till 4pm, then one more in the evening, say a school event or client dinner. Let’s also say that you were up late with the kids, or like me, staring out the window at 3am wondering if curtains are really necessary.

When you were in your effective time management mode booking those appointments, you had no clue about the night before. If you go into your day thinking you’ll be successful because your time is managed, I fear you may be in for a surprise. If you don’t pay attention to your energy level, you may slide into your 8:30 with a cranky look on your face, move into the 11am having snuck in an espresso and a few phone calls, arrive at the 2 to 4 with an attitude, having forgotten a form at the office, and return home complaining about how you just “have to” go to the evening meeting. Some resentment may begin to rise as you believe your life is managed by the time slots.

On the other hand, when you manage your energy, your day might look like this: Instead of a quick sugary or carb breakfast you might choose some protein, or a smoothie so your body does not have to work hard yet it gets good nutrients. You are aware that you did not get enough sleep so you see if you can get to bed early, or sneak in a nap. You arrive at your 8:30am knowing that you are taking care of yourself. You come up with an idea to do a 30 minute meditation or a brisk walk outside before the 11am appointment to relax and renew your energy. Your afternoon appointment goes well because you’ve taken care of you. Instead of complaining when you come home, you let your partner, or your family, know that you are a bit tired and could they help with dinner. You also know that an invigorating shower before the evening meeting will feel great.

The bottom line is that when you take care of your energy, you actually create more space for what you would like to accomplish in your day.

Now you don’t have to believe me. I don’t want you to just accept what I say and believe it. Try it out. Experiment and tell me what you think.

So tomorrow, try this:

1. Make a list of actions you can do to change your energy. Knowing how to change your energy is very powerful. What you CAN DO now is begin to know how to shift your energy up when it’s low and shift it down when it’s too high.

Some examples for calming are:

  • Deep breathing
  • Visualize calm images
  • Listen to calm music
  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Drink herbal tea

Some examples for raising energy are:

  • Exercise
  • Visualize exciting events
  • Listen to music you would dance to
  • Think of accomplishing a goal
  • Call a friend

2. Think of your day in 3 sections. Morning, afternoon and night. Write down what you assess your energy level is in the morning. Try to be specific – is it “slightly low” or “nailed to the ground”? Is it “good” or “bring it on!” The more you know, the better you can apply yourself and match what works for you when your energy is off. Use some of the examples above to shift your energy as needed. Check in at noon and again around 5 or 6pm.

3. Check-in at transition times. For example, if you have just finished your breakfast and you are setting off into your day, just ask yourself before you step into your next appointment, meeting or play-date, “where’s my energy?” You may notice you are a bit nervous or agitated. If that is the case, you can take a few deep breaths or close your eyes and imagine a beautiful place. If you did not assess your energy, you might walk into the next place in your day nervous, or arrive late because you did not take care of yourself. Do this again at the next transition.

The bottom line is that the more you know your energy level, the better you will manage your day. You will begin to know how to schedule your days with confidence and a feeling of having taken care of YOU, not having your schedule run you!

I hope this has been helpful. In fact, if you know you need help managing your energy levels and creating days that feel great, I happen to have a bag full of tools for YOU. Schedule a Breakthrough Session with me and let’s turn up the heat! Or find bliss, your choice 🙂




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