Ellie Ballentine is a sought after expert on professional performance, workplace mindset, and how to turn setbacks into success.

Ellie Ballentine Can Help the Media:

If you’re looking for a qualified resource in the area of:

  • The connection between mindset and personal and professional success
  • Expert commentary on why good people do bad things
  • Authentic solutions for workaholics and other addictions affecting the workplace and quality of life
  • Best practices for integrating quality of life practices into a demanding lifestyleInsights into breakthroughs in how the mind functions and how we have more control over our thoughts than ever before
  • Quotes to accompany your articles, news segments, and more

Ellie Ballentine, the Mindset Mentor, offers:

  • Knowledgeable and engaging resources for work-life balance articles
  • Dynamic commentary as an expert for TV and radio news segments
  • Lively participation as a qualified panelist on psychology, business, entrepreneurialism, careers and living life on your terms
  • Fresh ideas about conscious living and conscious business

Ellie in the News:

Fear of Retirement
Montreal Gazette article by Stephanie Whittaker
August 18, 2008


What is Confidence
Montreal Gazette article by Stephanie Whittaker
December 5th, 2007


“Thinking about Retirement?”
Interview with Danny Iny

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