Ellie’s Speaker Services

Ellie blends creative and holistic thinking with corporate success principles to help professional groups solve their challenges.

As both executive coach and licensed transformational therapist, Ellie has a distinctive understanding of the real-life challenges that hit people in the upper levels of the business world.

Through speaking engagements, seminars, and coaching programs, Ellie can help your organization gain a sweeping new perspective on life that allows for real breakthrough toward constructive change.

“Every professional becomes more effective in his or her industry after overcoming pain points. Your team can operate at a higher, more productive pace by learning to take a different view of challenges and soaring beyond personal roadblocks.”
– Ellie Ballentine

Ellie takes you one step beyond motivational coaching to a place where you learn how to harness your own lasting drive. She’s a must-hear for any professional organization looking to breakthrough to the upper levels of success.

Ellie’s Mindset for Success Seminars:

Ellie’s Signature Talk! The Mindset for Success Signature System
Discover 7 Mindset Secrets to Turning Your Setbacks into Success

How to See the Hidden Opportunities in Everyday Challenges
Learn the ONE mindset you MUST master for long-term, continuous success

Discover The Mindset Secrets to Soar Past Performance Plateaus
Learn what to do when you’re not sure why you’re not getting the results you want

How to Turn Your Mind into Your Biggest Ally
Discover simple, effective ways to stop fearful, negative thinking and retrain your mind to continuously succeed in today’s complex world

Ellie’s seminars offer:

  • Real-world savvy that inspires thought and prompts action
  • A calm and peaceful perspective that radically transforms your view of personal trials
  • An untapped avenue toward renewed confidence

What her work is about:

  • Providing wise and practical counsel that is applicable to high-achieving groups
  • Helping professionals restore enthusiasm in the parts of their lives that matter most
  • Providing a high level of professional integrity while helping others understand their most difficult challenges

Contact Ellie today to discuss booking her for your next event, keynote or conference, and to request her speaker information sheet.

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